It has been almost 4 years since I hit publish on my last post. At that moment, I sincerely believed that I would continue to blog while journeying toward optimal health. Instead, I found myself repeatedly starting a post and hitting delete, much like my healthy food choices. As the weight returned, I found it increasingly more difficult to find the words to share my frustration. The thing is…I have indomitable will.

Last year really became a turning point in my life. After a challenging several months of sickness and inflammation, and finding myself in almost constant roid rage from Prednisone, by November I decided to move to a plant-based diet. This has been an amazing transformation in my overall health and, at the beginning of the year, I added a 6 days a week trek to the gym into my routine. I am feeling fantastic! I decided to breathe air back into this blog and instead of posting daily, I have set the intention to post at least weekly.

If you are struggling with where you are at the moment, remember that all you have to do is…

The Curvy Twelfth Man

If you have watched the Seattle Seahawks play then you know that even if they are down at half time, they can come back and win the game with only minutes, perhaps even only seconds to spare.  Even when the odds are not in their favor, when a win looks virtually impossible, they come from behind and shock the nation.  I must shamefully admit that this past Sunday I watched the championship game and found myself doubting my own team and stating that I didn’t know if I could watch much more.  I sat on the couch and opened a book determined not to watch what I perceived to be a most painful loss headed our way. As the game continued I lost focus on the words in my book, losing all concentration, with a now closed book in hand, on the edge of my seat, staring in complete and total amazement at the television.  Were they really going to do it?  Could they possibly win this game? Had I allowed my own self-doubt to spill over into a football game, predetermining that all hope was lost?

This particular game struck a cord with me. An ah ha moment that I so desperately needed.  My own personal fight for a win didn’t have to be over, there was plenty of time left to score.  While I will admit that I am certainly down several points, and if anyone is looking from the outside they may be thinking that a win is impossible, however, I have conviction that I am capable of beating the odds.

This curvy 12th man will not lose faith again.  Half time is over and I have possession.

~Go Hawks


12th Man