Day 1 for Elysia

Day one for me has been easy, to say the least. Over the past week I’ve been able to kick a lot of cravings like caffeine, wanting soda, and wanting sodium-filled foods, so eating today hasn’t been a problem at all. So far I’ve had maybe around 600 calories (it’s 2:15pm), but I haven’t had much water yet. Gotta get on that. Water is my biggest problem when it comes to the whole weight loss thing. I can never remember to drink it! But I’m working on it, and I’ll make it a habit as soon as I can.

Day one has also made me realize that I’m happy about these changes that I’m making. I have not told myself “no, I can’t have that” but instead I’ve said “I would rather have fruit and yogurt rather than a bagel and cream cheese.” It has definitely made things a lot easier. Unfortunately, because of my IIH, I’m not really able to work out until I lose some weight first and get the pressures to lower in my head a bit, but I’d like to start taking walks soon, just to get some movement into the day.

So far, so good!

Food today:

  • Lean Cuisine pizza
  • Glass of chocolate milk (I need to buy fruit juice…)
  • Lobster, shrimp, and scallops from Red Lobster (only half the meal, total meal was about 500 calories, so I had right around 250 calories)
  • Broccoli
  • Strawberry Smoothie (made with fresh strawberries, but was still right around 340 calories)
  • Water

Evening Relfection:

I actually look at the day as a success. I think I made good choices when I went out to eat (okay, so I could have gone without the smoothie, but in all actuality it counted as another fruit serving for the day, and it was the only fruity thing they offered). I never felt “full” so I know I ate the right portions, and I know I enjoyed what I ate.


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