Day 1 for Beth

Today is going to start of for me with a trip to Urgent Care.  I have been sick all week and I am getting worse instead of better.  Since my thoughts are on my health, I am focused on my body.  excercise is definitely out of the question for me since my lung capacity is at zilch so I will keep that in mind when I make my food choices.

Today’s food intake:

  • Coffee with creamer (this is a week-end treat for me)
  • Three glasses of ice water
  • Two cups of hot tea with lemon and honey
  • One glass of 7-up (I am sick remember)
  • Two glasses of limeaide
  • A handful of chips and salsa (bad choice yes, but it’s 1:15 pm in the afternoon and I hadn’t eaten yet today since I just got back from the doctor with Acute Bronchitis.  It was one of those shaky give me food moments with no fruit or better choice on hand…lesson learned.
  • A grilled deli chicken breast sandwich with slice of provolone on whole grain bread with a cup of tomato soup.  This was a very bad choice for a gluten intolerant person but it really did hit the spot.  Oh and about 5 raspberries.
  • 3 eggs over easy and hash browns.  Yes, I know, bad choice.

Evening Reflection:

Ok, when you write it all out and look at it, the issues are clear.  Where are the fruits and veggies?  Tomorrow I will add fruits and veggies and will stay away from the bread, my body has already punished me enough!


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