Day 3 for Beth

I went back to work today after almost a week off from illness and I am not too certain my lungs were ready were ready to go back.  The friendly and energetic staff at The Juicy Cafe located in the building where I work got my morning off on the right start with a cup of my favorite gluten free oatmeal with berries and a shot of something healthy that included wheatgrass and ginger for my illness.  If you have ever been in a bar with one of your wonderful friends handing you a shot of something you aren’t too sure about and everyone around you chanting “Shot, Shot, Shot!”… was something like that but with a flu fighter.  As it turned out, it wasn’t so bad!

After grabbing my morning goodies from The Juicy Cafe, I dragged myself up to the office and stumbled through my morning.  My mid-morning snack consisted of two different inhalers to open my airways and a small bunch of grapes.  For lunch I headed back down to The Juicy Cafe for my favorite lentil soup and I must say I ventured down there once more in the afternoon for an Oscar (Blueberries, Apples and Bananas juiced together).  All I can say here is  Yum!

We had an appointment on our way home so I couldn’t eat dinner right away.  I grabbed a vitamin water and a pepperoni stick with a slice of cheese…yes, well at least it wasn’t potato chips!  For dinner I had a small chicken breast and nothing else because my appetitite just isn’t quite there yet.

Evening relection:  I am not certain what my caloric intake today was but I would have to say it was fairly low.  I definately need to add in more water and those darn elusive veggies!


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