Day 4 for Beth

Good news… I am down 2.2 lbs which isn’t too shabby since I didn’t weigh myself until day 2.  You can yell “It’s only water loss!” all you want but I will continue to do my happy dance.  🙂

Lets talk technicalities since every pound and ounce lost is critical to this fat chick… I am actually down 4.2 lbs since one week ago I was 225 lbs but at my “official” weigh-in two days ago I was 223 lbs.  At 220.8 lbs I at least feel like I am headed in a positive direction.

So what did I eat today?

  • Breakfast:  One cup of cream of rice with berries
  • Lunch:  One third cup of gluten-free clam chowder a half cup of green beans
  • Snack:  One large apple
  • Dinner:  1 cup gluten-free pasta with low sodium tomato sauce.
  • Water intake….plenty

I probably ate more today than most celebrity models and yes, I am feeling pretty good about that!


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