Day 5 for Elysia

I don’t really know what to say about today. Today was a good day, I guess! Eating was fine, work was fine…Just been super tired lately. And I’m a little peeved that I haven’t lost any more weight lately, but I am pretty sure it’s because I haven’t eaten enough calories. *sigh* Such is my life. Low sodium foods don’t have a ton of calories in them, apparently. lol.

Food today:

  • 2 bananas
  • grapes
  • rice pasta with organic tomato sauce
  • some salsa that my little brother hand made! IT WAS AWESOME!

Reflection: Obviously, not enough calories. Hungry? Yes. Irritated? Yes. Not sure what to do now. Not sure what to eat anymore, or how to get calories in, while still avoiding salt. So what to do? Eat more? EAT WHAT??? Haha. This is hard. I need to look up recipes!!! Any suggestions?? Post them for me!!!!



One thought on “Day 5 for Elysia

  1. Hey Elysia, first off let me just say I love y’alls blog! I think you are doing awesome staying committed to your weight loss journey. I was committed then fell off the wagon for the holidays, but now I am ready to get serious and lose the weight. I know I need to for my health! I know I can do it, but I have to quit giving into peer pressure as well and eating what everybody around me is eating. I know you said you were looking for other recipes and ideas for how to get your calories in and still stay low in sodium. Have you heard of green smoothies? They are REALLY REALLY good. I was on a regimen of one a day, but my blender gave out. Green smoothies are an awesome way to get in up to 15 servings of fruits and vegetables and they really do fill you up. Your basic green smoothie is typically a banana, apple (or any other fruit-I like pinapple and strawberry) and handful or two of a green like baby spinach and blend. I know at first it sounds gross, but I swear to will not taste the spinach! All you taste is a fruit smoothie with a green color. They are a great meal when trying to lose weight and they are so easy to take with you! I can’t wait to go grocery shopping so I can get back into my smoothie routine. In fact I am going to be starting a Green Smoothie Challenge on Monday. Where 2 out of my three meals will be green smoothies. Another idea for snacks that are low in sodium is Hummus. Or Guacamole..just eat veggies like celery or carrots instead of chips..or whole wheat pita bread with the hummus. Just some ideas! Keep up the awesome eating habits! 🙂

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