Day 6 for Beth

Reflecting upon yesterday I am considering that sometimes things have to happen to remind you that you are better than you give yourself credit for.  I shouldn’t have allowed the words of others to drag me down to a place inside myself where I felt defeated and humiliated, that is just not me.  I am better and stronger than that.
While this may be a weight-loss journey for my daughter and I, it is also about discovery.  It is about recognizing triggers and developing better coping skills.  Yesterday, I went without dinner due to stress. The result of my decision was a one pound weight gain presumably from my body going into starvation mode and clinging to reserves.  Lesson learned.
I am learning to pay attention to life’s events and how I react to those where food is concerned.  Definitely time to take a breath and decompress.  Friday is almost
So how did I do today?  This morning I ate my traditional gluten-free oatmeal with berries from The Juicy Cafe and a cup of a yogurt, apple yummy something juice.  I had a large banana for a mid-morning snack and lentil soup for lunch.  I probably should have slipped a small snack in between lunch and dinner but I didn’t.  For dinner I had a brown rice bowl with chicken and broccoli.
Overall, I think my choices were pretty good.  I still need to find ways to slip in those darn veggies.

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