Day 7/the end of my first week!

Woohooo! One week down! How do I feel? Um…bloated, actually. lol. Not exactly how I wanted to feel on day 7, but oh well. I have no idea what I ate to cause it either. But I really feel like I did well this week. Lots and LOTS of fruits, but I know I still need to work on proteins and such.

Food today:

  • Bagel with a little fat-free butter
  • Brown rice bowl! It was YUMMY
  • Grapes, raspberries, and blackberries
  • Green smoothie! Definitely my new favorite thing!

Reflection on the week: I am happy with the foods I have chosen to eat, but I realize it’s going to take a lot more than just healthier foods to lose the amount of weight that I am aiming for. Week two will be about trying to incorporate more activity into my daily life. I’m sad that I haven’t actually lost anymore weight this week, but I’m not throwing in the towel! Just going to focus more, and find what works for me 🙂

Well, it is currently nearly midnight here, so I am going to head to bed. Here’s to a new week!



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