Beth says good-bye to week one!

Down 2.6 lbs in a week and it is Friday!  My choices have been great and my day went fairly well.  I must say I finished only about three-fourths of my gluten-free oatmeal with berries this morning and chased it down with a vitamin water.  I ate a banana for both of my snacks and I had another incredible brown rice bowl with garlic chicken and steamed broccoli for lunch, in fact, I liked it so much I had one for dinner as well.  I coupled my dinner brown rice bowl with a small bunch of grapes, a few blackberries and a quarter cup of raspberries.  I did mention it is Friday though and I wanted a desert so bad!  I treated myself to a pretty darn good 100 calorie Yoplait Chocolate Raspberry Yogurt Parfait…I almost felt dirty eating it.

I feel completely satisfied today, but in truth I will note that I could have climbed into the cake and pie shelf at SAMS Club and caused a scene this evening when a white coconut cake caught my eye but I just held on tight to the cart and kept on pushing.  I also felt a little twitch when I strolled past my favorite Muscato de Asti desert wine which would have probably went pretty damn well with that cake.  WHO’S THE WINNER TODAY???  ME!!!  Strangest thing though…my dog is starting to resemble a hot dog.


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