Day 8 for Beth and a good day it was!

I started off with eating a banana and some berries quite late in the morning and the cup of coffee that I had earlier did NOT mix well to put it mildly.  While I was trying hard to keep my small breakfast down suddenly I found myself in a discussion with my family about the events unfolding in Egypt.  Before I had another chance to even think about bringing my meal up we were off and running to downtown Seattle to a rally in support of the Egyptian people. My niece is in Egypt near Cairo and so this brings the situation close to home.

I grabbed a banana late in the day and I was ready to chew my chihuahua’s leg off by the time dinner was ready.  At the same time, I was considering the very fact that the Egyptian government was burning down markets in Cairo and the people there couldn’t get food.  That will put your life in perspective!  While you are pouting over eating too little for a day, at least you know where your next meal is coming from!  For dinner I had two tacos made with low sodium taco seasoning and I savored every darn bite of them and I topped it off with a Yoplait 100 calorie parfait.

Evening reflection:  I did not eat enough food at all today because we were on the go and I didn’t want to grab fast food and blow the fact that I was down another 2 lbs this morning.  Tomorrow I will have to ensure that I get enough calories.

Additionally, my thoughts also drift tonight from my issues to the issues of the people of Egypt.  May they be kept safe from harm, may they gain access to food and water, may freedom ring for them soon.  AND TURN THEIR INTERNET BACK ON!!!


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