Day 9 – Sunday already?

Ok so I can’t seem to pull myself off of Twitter so I am way past my 9:00 pm bed time!  Going to rush todays blog through as fast as possible!
So I am not sure what I was thinking this morning when I drank another cup of coffee.  Yesterday should have been realization enough that coffee just wasn’t going to work out so well with all the fruit but I have always chanced pushing the envelope; I drank the coffee.  Bad idea.  My body just does not like fruit and coffee.  Enough said.
Lunch was ….um…what was lunch?  Obviously it wasn’t that memorable.  Oh yes, I threw 3/4 cup of leftover taco meat in a bowl, added a bit of cheese and a bit of my son’s homemade salsa and wolfed it down like someone was coming to get it!  For dinner I had another wonderful brown rice bowl with garlic chicken and broccoli made by my hubby (he is getting darn good at these).  My water intake could have jumped up a bit but over all not a bad day.  Night!

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