Beth’s Day 10!!

Public confession:  I am spoiled.  My husband just served me up a delicious mouth watering gluten-free pasta meal complete with a low-sodium sauce.  He loves meat in his sauce and he just can’t seem to comprehend that I could care less whether or not I have meat in my sauce.  Like he seriously can not understand why it would be eaten without it. I like pasta no matter how it is cooked.  IT’S PASTA!  He tossed in some ground turkey in mine for good measure because evidently it is not really pasta sauce unless there is meat in it. Funny how this seems to be an issue with him but hey, you won’t hear me complaining because it tasted great and I didn’t have to cook it!  He even steamed the asparagus for me that I was whining about craving earlier.   Yes, I was actually whining about asparagus.

Breakdown for today:

  • Gluten-free oatmeal with agave for breakfast
  • Grapes mid-morning
  • Brown rice bowl with garlic chicken and broccoli for lunch
  • Grapes in the afternoon
  • Raspberries in the evening
  • 1 cup  gluten-free pasta with low-sodium ground turkey meat sauce and asparagus
  • Lots of water
  • Oh yeah –  and I now have added in 8 oz of carrot juice 2x’s a day.

Evening reflection:  I think my food choices were good.  I don’t think my tummy liked the grapes a whole lot so I don’t think I will take those to work again. I managed to get in some walking today and I feel great about my day!


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