Day 10 for Elysia! :D

Woohoo! I feel great today 🙂 While I wouldn’t really consider Wii Fit to be heavy exercising or anything, I’m still darn happy that I did the free step for 30 minutes while listening to my AWESOME playlist! Plus, I drank a ton of water. Like, a ton! Probably about 70 oz. Happy? YES. I feel like today was wonderful!

Food today:

  • Bagel with low sodium butter
  • Brown rice with chicken and broccoli
  • Dinner roll (which I actually ate with lunch, not dinner. I’m a rebel like that)
  • Grapes!
  • Berry/apple smoothie (yummmmmmmmm)
  • WATER!!
  • A few bites of cold chinese food

Reflection: I feel great! Seriously. I feel like I’ve done very well today, and I’m so happy that I got some exercise in and drank all my water. I want every day to be like today! I’m hoping that with the exercise I’ll see some more weight loss, because I’ve hit a total plateau recently. But that’s not gonna keep me from continuing to do my best, and switch things up to see what really works! I think getting movement in my day will really help me!

Another beautiful day of feeling inspired 🙂 Good luck to all of you out there!



3 thoughts on “Day 10 for Elysia! :D

  1. Just Mom stopping by to tell you to say no to Chinese food! It is high in sodium and is a big no no. Dinner roll? Seriously? I am here to hold you accountable. Add veggie sticks in with hummus or something like that but NO MORE DINNER ROLLS OR CHINESE FOOD. Kthxbye

    • I have no veggie sticks or hummus 😦 You got me on the no Chinese food…But I don’t think the dinner roll was too bad. I need calories from somewhere! I’m just not getting enough…But thank you for holding me accountable, mom 🙂

      • We need to go get some yummy veggies! Yes, I agree you are not taking in enough calories but you could do so by adding in protein. HA! I GOT YA ON THE CHINESE FOOD THOUGH! BOOYAH! : )

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