Day 12 for Beth

I am like Cinderella at the ball when the clock strikes mid-night…as soon as it hits 9:00 p.m. I start to panic.  I am one of those people who needs 8 hours sleep so if this looks like a second grader posted tonight, it is because I was spending most of my evening watching Anderson Cooper instead of working on my blog so now I am rushed.  So there ya have it!

As I said yesterday, I wanted to switch up breakfast a bit and so I did.

  • Breakfast:  Two hard boiled eggs and some yummy strawberry, gluten-free round thing from The Juicy Cafe…not certain now what they called it but it was good and organic.
  • Snack:  Celery, carrots, cucumber and humus
  • Lunch:  Gluten-Free tomato-vegetable soup
  • Snack:  Celery, carrots, cucumber and humus because it was so good the first time around.
  • Dinner: About a cup or so of plain gluten-free pasta with some parmesan cheese…yep I ate it and it was so darn good.  Asparagus.  More yum.

Evening reflection:  I made good choices and even caught a walk in at lunch time.  All in all it was a good day and I was not hungry.  Yay humus!


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