Day 12 for Elysia, and gonna try something new!

So, for whatever reason, what I’ve been doing just ISN’T WORKING. Things were going great at first, but for some reason, I haven’t been losing anymore weight. In fact, I gained a pound. UGH! Frustrating. BUT! I posted my struggles on facebook, and one of my friends told me about a program called Primal Blueprint Fitness (web address: ) I’ve been reading through the FREE ebook to determine what it’s all about, and it’s all making a lot of sense to me. Basically, don’t eat processed foods, and don’t eat anything “white” like rice, bread, potatoes, etc. Makes a lot of sense to me. Anyways, I haven’t finished reading it yet, but it’s definitely something I’m going to try for the next two weeks to see how it works!

Food today:

  • Cottage cheese
  • Yogurt with granola and fresh blackberries
  • Chicken (I didn’t eat the brown rice today…it makes me all bloated!)
  • Water
  • Grapes
  • Pepsi Max (zero cal)

Reflection: Hate to say it, but that truly is all I had to eat today. I swear I’m going to get the hang of this sooner or later! I’m praying for sooner rather than later. lol. And I really think that once I read this Primal Blueprint ebook it will give me some ideas on how to proceed and what may be best for me. The success stories sounded great, and my friend lost 100 lbs on it! AND IT’S NOT A DIET! Which I love about it. haha.

I’ll let you guys know how it goes 🙂



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