Day 13 for Beth

That ball to the left probably doesn’t look like much but it tasted great!  I don’t know what all it had in it but I do know it had gluten-free oats and cranberries.  Unfortunately, I think I now have to add no walnuts to my list of foods to avoid since I did seem to have a reaction a few hours after eating this delicious ball of goodness.  The list is growing:

  • No gluten
  • No peanuts
  • No soy
  • And now it looks like walnuts are the new no no.

I had the oat ball and two eggs for breakfast.  Humus and veggies for a snack.

Now lets talk lunch…it was great!  I had a tomato/vegetable/rice/ginger soup.  Strange combination? Yes.  This soup was fantastic!  I could have eaten a couple of these.  By mid-afternoon I was starved and once again munched on some veggies and humus.

I almost skipped out on dinner because I have run out of ideas on what to eat.  If  anyone in my house mentions chicken again I will probably move out.  The word chicken or any word that sounds like the word chicken is banned in my house.  Anything that tastes like chicken should probably also be banned.  I am so tired of chicken.

Thankfully, as I mentioned before, I am spoiled and my husband ran to the store and cooked up pork chops. Speaking of asparagus, I am pretty certain that will be the next item nixed off my menu.  I have eaten more asparagus in the past week than I have in the last 6 months. I will probably spend my week-end trying to figure out a game plan for next week.

Evening Reflection:  I can not believe that I am up at 10:30 pm…that is about as reflective as I am going to get.



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