End of 2 weeks for Elysia!

After getting stuck on http://verydemotivational.memebase.com/page/9/ for the past 20 minutes laughing at completely random and awesome things, I decided it was finally time to fess up to what happened today. I cheated. TOTALLY cheated on my diet. Today was our Superbowl potluck at work, which means total badness for food choices. But did I listen to that inner person telling me to go downstairs and grab salad? Well yes, I listened, and I let her finish her speech about how great it would make me feel, then I politely told her to shut up. My stomach was later regretting this decision….

Food today:

  • 2 eggs (breakfast)
  • Cranberry juice
  • Beef hotdog with bun and nacho cheese sauce (lunch)
  • Brownie (lunch)
  • Coke
  • Black beans with homemade salsa and cheese(dinner)

Reflection: I feel totally guilty about what I ate, but it was delicious, and I had fun at work. I’m going to try not to worry too much about it, because I know that’s not how I eat on a regular basis, and I can and will go right back to my regular eating habits tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a fun day anyways! I’m going to a friend’s house to have a Twilight Movie Marathon, with healthy snacks 🙂 I’m excited!

Here’s to a new week, with hopefully more weight loss! OH!!!!! I LOST THAT POUND THAT I GAINED!!!! I was so happy. You have no idea. lol.



2 thoughts on “End of 2 weeks for Elysia!

  1. Um, I have decided to speak up about your Superbowl potluck at work.
    :p How was that? I had celery and soup today. My stomach made noises that it shouldn’t have while you were fillin up on the SODIUM FILLED HOTDOG WITH NACHO CHEESE SAUCE…Oh and what else is that I read up there….BROWNIE??? REALLY??? That’s ok because I have saved my cheat day for the actual Superbowl and I will be savoring a nice slice or two of gluten-free Garlic Jim’s Pizza while you are sipping on some sort of Emerald City Smoothy health drink. CHEERS!
    Oh wow…the jealousy just poured right out of me probably like that cold Coke poured into your glass today…

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