Beth’s Day 15

If you put a rat in a maze where every time he turns a certain corner he receives negative feedback, he will quickly learn not to go down that corner.  If you put me in that same maze on a Saturday morning, and I know around the corner is a cup of coffee, even though I know the result will be negative, I am going to go after that coffee! That rat has the ability to learn; apparently I do not.

For breakfast my daughter excitedly cooked me up 2 eggs over easy with home-made salsa and a bit of cheddar cheese.  She proudly presented me this beautiful dish and I should have taken a picture, but if you have ever seen the movie Gone in 60 Seconds then you are grasping how quickly this food left my plate.  I can’t even begin to tell you how incredibly delicious this was but my joy was short-lived.  I do not know what has happened but apparently my new eating habits do not got well with coffee and I can not come to terms with this fact since I just purchased a Keurig coffee maker in December.

The remainder of the afternoon I skipped out on food since my stomach was still mocking my second week-end in a row attempt of trying to slip in a couple of “K” cups. For dinner I just opened up another can of black beans and tossed about 1/2 cup in a bowl, put some left-over salsa on it and just stood at the counter munching away.  By this time I was feeling queasy from not eating.  That little dish was feeling more like an appetizer so I went back over to the fridge and grabbed one of those pretty darn good Yoplait Yogurt Parfait Delights.  Just as I was feeling quite happy with myself I realized THIS WAS A MISTAKE!  By the time I had eaten the last bite I was regretting ever eating anything at all.  Fine time for the milk allergy to kick in!  Those Yoplait Parfaits are the only thing keeping me from heading over to my local Fred Meyer and ripping open a bag of Dove Dark Chocolate  and sitting on the floor of Isle 10 stuffing my face.

Well thank goodness tomorrow is Superbowl Sunday because I am ordering up a gluten-free pizza from Garlic Jims and I am allowing my self to eat a few slices!  If Elysia comes home tonight and tells me she ate another hot dog with nacho cheese or a brownie, I am going to raise her rent but shhh…you didn’t hear that from me.



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