Elysia’s day 16…Superbowl Sunday!

It wasn’t hard for me to decide who I was going to cheer for during today’s game. I’ve never liked the Steelers, and never forgave them for kicking major Seahawks butt during Superbowl 2005. So, Green Bay it was. Mom decided our Superbowl treat was Garlic Jim’s pizza, and against my better judgments, I had a slice of the regular supreme pizza, rather than sticking to mom’s gluten-free stuff. But, no regrets here. It was tasty, and I didn’t eat much today anyways. So I had a slice of the regular pizza, then later I did enjoy a gluten-free slice. I only had 2 eggs with homemade salsa for breakfast, then the pizza for lunch. I think somewhere in between there I had a Yoplait Delight, too. And cranberry juice. But that’s it for the day.

I was totally enthralled in today’s game, which kept my mind off food. I wanted the Packers to win so badly, and I loved some of the commercials that were played. I think my favorite was the Ozzy and Justin Bieber commercial: “What’s 6g?” “What’s a Bieber??” “I don’t know, but it kind of looks like a girl.” ROFL. So hilarious. Definitely wasn’t expecting it. Little Biebs is such a good sport 🙂

Sorry for not blogging last night; I went to a friend’s house and watched the entire Twilight Series and had a really great time. I think I got back right around 1am, and decided I would just blog later about the day. Unfortunately, I can’t really remember all I ate yesterday. What I can remember was 2 eggs with homemade salsa in the morning for breakfast, a Yoplait Delight, a porkchop, and this yummy chicken with mushrooms and asparagus dish that my friend made me.

Anyways, here’s to the start of another week! Cheers 🙂 xoxox


One thought on “Elysia’s day 16…Superbowl Sunday!

  1. Thanks for your kind words about Garlic Jim’s! I’d love to send you a gift certificate for a free pizza, just send your address to ross@garlicjims.com and I’ll have it mailed ASAP.

    Kind regards,
    Ross Marzolf
    Director of Public Relations & Local Marketing
    Garlic Jim’s Famous Gourmet Pizza
    425.918.1900 x 108

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