Day 18 for Beth and still hanging on!

This morning I packed the left-over crustless tomato-ricotta pie  for breakfast that Elysia made last night.  I am pretty certain I can add ricotta to my long list of foods that I shouldn’t eat as I suffered through the morning after eating the egg mixture. I am starting to think I should be eating calcium supplements for breakfast before my bones snap in two and I walk like Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein.

For lunch I had a pleasant surprise down at The Juicy Cafe – Broccoli Bisque Soup.  I loved the added chicken and veggies and I paired this soup with a large cup of cut-up slices of fruit.  The owner insisted that I drink a coconut water and sent me on my way. The one thing that I am finding key to my success is the importance of a support system.  If you find yourself struggling and you don’t have a support system then by all means, email me!  It really helps to have someone give you that positive reinforcement and also hold you accountable when you feel like you are going to cave and grab a sub sandwich out of a stranger’s hand or leap over the counter at your local donut shop.

For mid-afternoon I ate a bean salad so my stomach wouldn’t growl so loud.  On the way home from work I was starving and my husband ran into a gas station to grab some water and snack for me.  He came back in with one of those pepperoni/cheese stick combos.  The deal was that he would eat the pepperoni and I would eat the cheese.  Normally I would have been in my glory but today I bit into that nasty processed cheese and almost spit it out.  I couldn’t eat it!  I could not even believe how aware I was of how incredibly disgusting this cheese stick was.  I don’t even know what has happened to my taste buds!  Anyway, I ended up waiting until I got home to eat something!

Evening relection:  I am so flipping happy to report I am back into my size 14 pants!  I did not expect to be back into them so quickly and I am feeling great about it.  I am glad I decided to go ahead and lose this post-pregnancy weight…after all…my baby is almost 15 years old now.  : )  Next stop, size 12!


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