Day 19 for Elysia, and not a bad day at all :)

So, I’m still reading up on this “Primal Living” stuff, and the more I read it, the more I really like the concept. In what I read today, it talked about the “Hunter-Gatherer” (H-G) beings that our ancestors were all that time ago, and how their daily habits are really the key to becoming more physically fit. H-Gs didn’t go on physically intense hunts every day, and generally after a hunt took a day or two to rest, and STILL managed to be in top physical shape. So why do I feel the need to kill myself every day with intense work outs? Oh that’s right…I don’t 🙂

Today was a fairly decent day. Eggs and a banana for breakfast, slice of turkey breast and green beans for lunch, a Naked Mango Tango smoothie, then 2 apples for dinner. I’m starving, I’ll admit, but I just don’t feel like eating anything. I feel like it’s too late at night. I did Wii Fit tonight, because I did my intense workout for the week. Yes, that’s right. Biggest Loser is only once or twice per week. The rest of the week is being active in ways I enjoy, like walking, or Wii Fit. Another two days a week there are some strength exercises I’ll be doing, as outlined in the “Primal Blueprint” stuff that I looked up. Sounds like a plan to me!

Reflection: I was sore today when I woke up. I attribute it to a great work out last night. I’m still super frustrated with not taking in enough calories…In fact, I took in less than HALF of what I needed to for the day. It’s so hard, but I WILL get it. I have to! After all, I STILL have 18 lbs to lose before my birthday, and I only have pretty much 56 days left!! I WILL GET RID OF THOSE 18 LBS. I swear to you I will. Then, I’ll get rid of more after that 🙂



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