Hey Nineteen! ~Beth

That is me on the left and on the right is one of the most uplifting people who I have ever have the pleasure of knowing, Abigail, the owner of The Juicy Cafe.  There is no “can’t” in this beautiful person’s vocabulary and she keeps me excited about changing old habits.  I feel very empowered by her and her staff and when I am having a moment of feeling the urge to stray off of my plan – they guide me back on track.  If you live in Seattle or get a chance to visit, hidden within the walls of the Washington State Convention Center is a wonderful gem in our “Emerald City”, The Juicy Cafe.

This morning I grabbed my usual gluten-free oatmeal and also grabbed a photo opp with Abigail.  Mid-morning I headed back for one of their gluten-free strawberry-almond balls.  For lunch I enjoyed a split-pea/kale soup with chicken.  I will say this was not an attractive looking soup so I will not post a pic of it but it was so damn good that I wanted to put on a disguise and go back down to The Juicy Cafe and order another one.  Like I said, they keep me in line so I would have to pull off some sort of Matrix-like maneuver to have grabbed another one.  : )

For a mid-afternoon snack I went back down once again and decided to go with a “Super Energy” juice.  I think that it had carrots, strawberry, orange juice and parsley in it.  The combination was an unexpected flavor explosion and I really enjoyed this different tasting juice.  For dinner I had more turkey and green beans.

Evening reflection:  All in all this was a pretty good day although I am not sure how I gained a pound.  I can only imagine that perhaps my body has went into starvation mode and that I may need to take in a few more calories.  Oh gee darn.


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