Day 20, and excited for Yoga! -Elysia

Today was a fantastic day! The most exciting part about it was that my mom met the owner of Urban Yoga and Spa in downtown Seattle, and they offered her and I 10 free yoga sessions EACH! I have heard that yoga totally changes people’s lives, and I am so excited that I get to learn! I can definitely imagine loving it and being willing to continue classes. It sounds perfect for me!

Everything else about today was great too, except for the fact that my stomach COMPLETELY rejected the egg salad that I had for lunch. Put that on the list of things that will kill me. I was miserable after I ate it. But, you live and learn, right? So, food today…Breakfast, I had hashbrowns, lunch, I ate that oh so wonderful egg salad, and actually I haven’t felt okay to eat anything else since. I will probably grab something before bed, just because I need food to take my medicine.

Reflection: Never ever ever EVER let me eat egg salad again. Otherwise, today was “eh”. I didn’t really feel too hungry today, and I know I probably could use some more calories, but after lunch I couldn’t really eat. I will say that I am so grateful for the owner of Urban Yoga and Spa for offering my mom and I the free sessions. It’s amazing to know that people are around us that want to help and show us the way to healthier lives. For this, I couldn’t be more thankful. I can not wait to start learning yoga, and maybe I’ll also pay for a massage or something. It’s already feeling like heaven!



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