Day 22 – for Beth – 2 minutes past midnight.

There will be two posts from me today since I didn’t quite make it in before midnight…suddenly my glass slipper is left on the stairs and my carriage is now a pumpkin.

I had a great day today and an enjoyable evening at home with old and new friends.  I love to entertain guests and it has been a long time since I have had the opportunity.  I am a little rusty at being hostess but I had a wonderful time.  I need to entertain more often!

Today was an awkward food day.  I was busy preparing for guests and I had a late breakfast of two fried eggs.  For lunch, I only had a few spoonfuls of canned chicken so by 7:00 p.m., my fancy goldfish, Fletch was looking like a full meal deal.

All I really had for dinner was vegetables, humus and some chips but I must say I did eat several veggies.

Confession:  I drank cranberry vodka with diet 7-up – about 6 to be exact, not even certain if that is exact, so yeah, that was my dinner.  Each shot of vodka is about 100 calories…well, that makes up for what I didn’t eat in food right?!  Ok…I know this is short but I think that I am still lacking calories so I may go pour myself some more. Night!

Fletch is starting to look like Sushi…darn, I can’t have soy sauce!


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