Day 23 for Beth

I had a wonderful lazy day today and I am sitting here wishing that tomorrow wasn’t Monday let alone that nasty little greeting card company holiday where you are guilted in making yet another purchase.

I think I have moved past the “buy me something” stage of my marriage.  If we are both alive, breathing, present and accounted for after all that we have been through, I consider that to be good enough.  I don’t need some manufactured card that you sifted your way through and grabbed that “one” because you waited until the last possible second and had to battle 27 other guys at your local Albertsons to get one of the few cards left even though it said, “to my great-grandmother”….say what you feel the moment you feel it, not on February 14th in the hopes that you can score…a few points.  *Puts soapbox back under desk.

  • Breakfast:  Egg scramble with son’s homemade salsa (Thank you Al)
  • Lunch:  Veggies and humus – was about near death by dinner time
  • Snack:  Didn’t even bother cutting up the freaking cucumber, just started eating it.  Yes, I was that hungry.
  • Dinner:  Stuffed red pepper, rice and asparagus – It was soooo good.

Evening reflection:  I had a revelation tonight.  Even though I am starving, I have a strong distaste for Valentine’s Day.  Just leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.  Blah…spits.

I am hungry and getting cranky.  : )   Oh yeah, and I had 3 hours of sleep.  : )  Night night



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