Day 24 for Elysia, and finding inpriation everywhere :)

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day! I didn’t have a Valentine this year, but that’s okay. I’m really not into buying cards and chocolate for someone on just one day of the year because it’s what the card companies want, but I think the point of the holiday is sweet. I must say, it was fun passing out Valentines to each other at work! It felt like I was in 4th grade again, except without having a “secret admirer”. lol.

Today was a fantastic day for me, though perhaps not food wise. For breakfast, I ate half of a chocolate Costco muffin and coffee, then for lunch I had a french dip sandwich with a Pepsi Max. I was awfully proud of myself though for having a bowl of candy on my desk for my co-workers, and I didn’t eat a single piece of it. I just didn’t want it…it didn’t sound appetizing! I did, however, have a few pieces of candy when I got home, but I plan on giving the rest of the candy I received today to my brothers. I just really don’t feel the need to have it.

I’d like to dedicate the remainder of this blog to how I’m feeling emotionally about this whole journey, and how I’m staying inspired. My first piece of inspiration that I had today was hearing Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb”. Now, please don’t take this as me liking Miley…because honestly, I don’t care of her much at all (lol). But, this song has me thinking a lot about the journey that I’m on right now…I’m not going to kid myself, there are days when I just want to dig into a tub of ice cream, and lose control, but as Miley says “The struggles I’m facing, the chances I’m taking sometimes may knock my down but no I’m not breaking.I may not know it, but these are the moments that I’m going to remember most, just gotta keep going. I’ve got to be strong, just keep pushing on.” Every time I hear this song or even think of it, I know that I’m in this TO WIN IT. I’m in this to go all the way, and to enjoy every moment of my climb to get there.

I also had two huge realizations today that I wanted to share with you all. The first one came after reading a blog or two about runners, and as I sat and thought about it, I realized that I truly love to run. I love how I feel after a great run (despite my asthma, which I’d like to fix with this weight loss!) and I love running outdoors. I think I would love to become an avid runner. It would definitely help my asthma, help me lose some more weight, and would be actually relaxing for me.

My second realization came after I finished doing my Wii Fit Free Step work out (and I got the motivation to do it from David at when he posted his video today!) . I was getting ready for bed, when I realized I’m really doing this. I’m really focusing on my health every day and putting it as my number one priority for once. I’m really on a serious, life-altering path to get healthy, and I’ve never felt that in the past when I’ve tried to lose weight. I feel like I’m doing this the right way and I feel so empowered and inspired by those around me to keep going, and to really go all the way! That said, I wanted to to send a huge thanks to all of you who read my blog, because you guys are the ones keeping me accountable, and keeping me focused. THANK YOU!!!!

Today, I feel more confident than ever before that I can do this, and that I have wonderful, amazing people right beside me who support me, and who I will also support every single step of the way. xoxoxo

(BTW! New short (and I really mean short) poem at on my other wordpress site!!)


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