Elysia’s day 25

I had full intentions all day today to come home and do a great work out. I was so excited, hoping to do both the Biggest Loser dvd AND 20 minutes of Wii Fit. But what happened instead? Slowly throughout the entire day, I could feel my throat getting sore and my sinuses plugging up. By the time I got home, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do anything but take some Airborne and crawl into bed. I just don’t have the time off available to get sick, so I really need to make sure I kick this cold before it starts kicking me.

Today’s food consisted of 2 eggs for breakfast, cucumber sticks for a snack, a stuffed pepper for lunch, and another pepper for dinner. I drank my water, and even enjoyed some green tea this morning, which was quite soothing. Besides feeling a little under the weather, I actually feel great. I just really wish I could work out ūüė¶ I guess it’s better to get the rest now though than dragging it out longer.

I really hope everyone is doing well today. I was thinking a lot about my goals today, and how to be sure I achieve them. I feel very focused, and anxious to ramp up my exercising. If fact, if I feel well enough tomorrow, I will try to go for a short jog/run after work. I hope I can!



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