Day 26 – Unpacking my baggage and loving me

“No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
~Eleanor Roosevelt

I feel absolutely amazing!  I weighed in this morning at 213 pounds and I felt absolutely wonderful (all of the skinny people may have just fainted, could somebody grab them some smelling salts or something? Kthx).  Hey, when you have been at 265 pounds, 213 pounds feels pretty sexy!

Today was a great day even though I had a bit of a bug going though my stomach.

  • Breakfast – Gluten-free oatmeal with berries – After a few spoonfuls my tummy told me to stop eating it.
  • Snack – Decided to head down to The Juicy Cafe for some soup in the hopes my tummy would feel better.  Split-pea soup with veggies and chicken
  • Lunch – Stomach was not a happy camper, ate brown rice
  • Snack – Super energy juice drink – stomach decided it really did not like me
  • Dinner – I retaliated back at stomach and ate two chicken tacos on gluten-free white corn tortillas, I think tummy won.

Evening reflection:  Physically I am beginning to feel healthier but it is my emotional health that I am really noticing the difference in.  I am really feeling good about me.  I think the difference this time around is that I have surrounded myself with positive people who really care about me and my goals.  If you are struggling out there, find someone willing to be your cheerleader or your source of support.

Personal Disclaimer:

Any former consents of making me feel inferior that I have given to anyone out there expired last night at midnight.  All privileges have now been revoked since I have reclaimed my power and I am unpacking my baggage!


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