Day 27 for Elysia…Tomorrow’s Friday!

Whew…what a day! Woke up feeling a little better than yesterday, and I think my cold is starting to taper off. I was able to breath through my nose for the majority of the day, which is good enough for me!

All in all, today was actually pretty uneventful. Work was slow, so I was able to work on a few of my reports, and then I got my oil changed before I came home. I know…Life is exciting. haha. I’m excited for tomorrow! I’m heading to Ellensburg (2 hours east of here) tomorrow for my three day weekend to spend time with a friend for her birthday. It’s going to be a lot of fun to see her and her husband again.

Food intake today was alright…I had yogurt and granola with orange juice for breakfast, a low fat honey bbq chicken sandwich for lunch, and another hummus and chicken wrap for dinner. And since I’m still not feeling the greatest, I didn’t work out again today. I’m hoping I’ll be feeling better enough to be able to get a 30 – 40 minute walk in Saturday, Sunday, and Monday!

You guys probably won’t hear from me until Sunday night or Monday…Have a very happy Friday!



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