Day 29 and 30 – Excellent days


Port Townsend, WA

What an incredibly beautiful weekend. Although the temperature was unforgivingly cold, the view in Port Townsend warmed my soul.  There is something about the ocean that rejuvenates my spirit and gives me a sense of calm.  Perfect.

Watching my sister graduate today with her MFA left me searching the dark places of myself that I have left undisturbed.  Those are the safe places where you reconcile with yourself that it is best that you stick with what you know because if you try something new you might fail, or worse, you might disappoint.  For so many years that negative voice in my head has told me that I am not good enough and since I have kicked that little bastard out, I have to find MY own voice.  At 42 I am thinking of taking my education beyond my one semester of college…like I am thinking of taking it way beyond. I don’t know if I inhaled too much salty sea water or ingested a bad clam but whatever the case I think I am out of my mind.

I would like to report back that I stuck beautifully to my eating on this celebratory trip but I do feel that I could have taken in a fewer calories.  Although I did actually eat healthy, I think I did go a bit overboard on the cod tacos and maybe even the quiche. Guilty as hell and loving me.

Lighthouse at Port Townsend



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