Day 32 for Elysia, and I’m hoping for a snow day…

A 2-4 inches of snow tends to paralyze the greater Seattle area, so of course, I’m crossing my fingers that we get the snow they are forecasting! I could use another day off 🙂 I would love to sleep in a little bit!

I’m feeling pretty okay today. For breakfast I had a banana and some orange juice, and for lunch I had a chicken sandwich on a whole wheat bun, and for dinner, I had some of my homemade guacamole and a bagel thin. My brothers made chicken, but by the time I was gonna pull myself away from my computer to eat, I didn’t feel like it anymore. I also didn’t get to the gym because of the snow threat today. I can not drive in snow at all, and didn’t want to risk having troubles getting home. Ugh. I feel like this is just another excuse, and I feel lame. I keep saying “TOMORROW! I will work out tomorrow!!” but then it doesn’t happen. *sigh* I really need to figure this out…

I’m trying not to completely beat myself up over the fact that I haven’t worked out lately, but it’s hard when I know I need to. I feel like I really just need to get a grip and make time for it, but it’s difficult for the time being. But I will make it happen, because I have to. It’s a necessity for myself. I need to because I need to get healthier.

Does anyone have any ideas for me on ways to get a work out in? Right now, I could definitely use some extra insight 🙂



One thought on “Day 32 for Elysia, and I’m hoping for a snow day…

  1. For me, when it was bad weather here, I would often do weights exercises and do steps or even just a quick walk outside close to the house. Some way to be active even if it’s not the normal activity you usually have. Even cooking or doing laundry will burn off some calories! Good luck!

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