End of week 5 for Elysia!

As far as I know, it’s yoga day tomorrow! I’m still nervous for it, but getting more and more excited to try it out! Except I realized that I have no yoga clothes. haha. I suppose it’d be a good idea to get that figured out.

I am also very happy to say I did my Wii Fit stuff this morning! I got up early and did about 20 minutes of the free step, got ready for work, and then made myself a yummy omelette with spinach, tomatoes, and a little feta cheese 🙂 It was absolutely delicious. But when I got to work, I had coffee, and that did not settle well with my stomach for the remainder of the day. Ugh. I was able to eat a hummus pita for lunch (which really only aggravated my stomach more), and just sort of munched on stuff when I got home. I’m not hungry, so I don’t feel the need to eat anything else for dinner.

Today’s song is another The Scene Aesthetic song, called “Red Rover”.

It’s odd…I’ve really only been listening to acoustic music lately. I mean, my musical tastes are really all over the place (I love anything from rock to some hip hop, and even jazz, classical, and country), but I’ve had a thing for acoustics the past few weeks, and I haven’t gotten over it yet. It’s alright, though. It’s a very relaxing genre for me 🙂

So, this coming Tuesday is going to be a fantastic day for me! I think I’ve mentioned it, but I’m the captain of a weight-loss competition at my work, where I’ll be leading my team against another…whichever team loses the most weight by June 1st wins! I’m very excited and honored to have been asked to lead it (I’m one of the newest people there, and have only been with the company since October) and I really think my team can lose the weight! It’s just a friendly competition, but I feel very motivated for it! After all, I can’t let my whole team down! I think this is a great opportunity for me, and will keep me all the more motivated.

Well, it’s still early on this Friday night, but I’m unbelievably tired, so I’ll be going to bed here in a bit. I hope all of you have a fantastic weekend, and don’t forget to contact me on Twitter @different_eyes, by email: passion.and.promises@gmail.com, or leave a comment for me! I love talking with all of you, and would love to get to know some of you more! Thanks for always being there for me, everyone 🙂



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