All was not lost on Beth’s Day 36

“Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives.”

~A. Sachs

We trekked downtown today for yoga and once we arrived we decided to wait until tomorrow when they are offering a special class on yoga fundamentals.  Evidently we are going to be doing “hot yoga”.  I usually don’t do so well in a warm climate and even sleep with a fan on me in the dead of winter.  If I pass out I hope I land on the yoga mat and not face first on the hardwood!

Elysia and I walked over to The Juicy Cafe where I introduced her to one of the most inspirational/motivational people whom I have ever had the pleasure of knowing; the owner of The Juicy Cafe.  It is always kind of amusing to me to have someone else tell your child pretty much the same thing you tell them over and over, but if they hear it from someone else then it makes sense to them.  Evidently my mouth moves but whatever rolls off my lips can not be understood by my almost 21-year-old daughter.  It is like I brought in a foreign translator to decipher ancient, cryptic parental code because the light bulb went on and the tears flowed; she got the message.

My daughter Elysia.

The change in yoga plans turned out to be a good thing because there was a bigger reason for us to be downtown having that “light bulb” moment and it made the long trip worthwhile.  Elysia was told by a trainer that she needed to get moving every single day for at least 30  minutes a day…no matter what, she had to move.  She was also told that she had to cut out white and processed foods.  I just had this same conversation the other night I think, but again, my lips move but the words that come out are foreign.  I imagine I must sound something like the teacher in Charlie Brown …Wah Wah Wah..

On the food front today I have to say I am ready to go grab one of those deer that keep roaming through our front yard; I am starving.  I ate 2 scrambled eggs this morning, a juice drink for lunch and pork chops with asparagus for dinner.  I wish I would have planned my meals out better because I am heading to bed hungry tonight!

Evening reflection:  A good day.  I enjoyed the time with Elysia and sharing a few great laughs.  I was glad she is recognizing that she needs to start living her life and taking charge of her journey with no excuses.

Best advice I can give…surround yourself with people who care about you; lose the drama or those who create it.  Do not allow people to continue to walk on you and drain your time and energy.  It is very important to give but it is equally important to give to yourself, that is what I failed to do in my life; I forgot me.  Remember to give to YOU FIRST!  Remember:  “Everyone dies, but not everyone lives.”

What a beautiful daughter I have!


2 thoughts on “All was not lost on Beth’s Day 36

  1. It has now occured to me why I may be at a “certain place”, at this very time in my life Elizabeth; I think there is a much bigger picture. There are people coming together in amazing ways with the potential to change lives and move mountains. 🙂
    You are a part of this journey for a reason so pack your bag the trip will last a lifetime…

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