Day 36 for Elysia, and it’s time to live for ME.

I feel like there is a lightbulb constantly hanging over my head…sometimes I get or hear fantastic ideas and the light starts to flicker on and off, but eventually it fades from boredom or realization that maybe that isn’t such a great idea. Today, that light flickered on and off as mom and I went to do yoga, and by the time we got home, the light SHINED.

After a morning of getting ready and sort of relaxing around the house, mom and I drove to Urban Yoga and Spa, where we were ready for our first yoga session. We talked with the wonderful lady at the front desk and let her know we were very new, and didn’t know which session to start with. After a few minutes of talking, she really encouraged us to start with the fundamentals class tomorrow at 10:30am; it’s a hot yoga session that will teach us the very basics we will need for the rest of our yoga journey. Sounded good to us! We thanked her, then went on our way.

We walked a few blocks up the street to the convention center, where Juicy Cafe is. I was pretty excited, since I’d never been there, and mom talks about it ALL THE TIME. When we got there, mom bought me the ever delicious Super Energy with carrots, beets, oranges, and some other stuff that I can’t remember but it was SO GREAT. She also got me the gluten-free cranberry ball/snacky thing that was also amazing. It was great to meet the people there, and they were all so friendly (and obviously knew who I was. I’m pretty sure mom talks about me nearly every day…).

Mom and I sat waiting for my stepdad to pick us up, and mom’s friend A.S. from Juicy saw us and came to say hello since her and I had never met before. She is probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and I’m so happy we finally got introduced. At first we just talked about mom’s new hair cut and a few other things, then we started talking seriously about what I need to do to really get this weight off. She was very real with me, telling me that I need to stop eating anything white (white flour, sugar, salt, etc.) and to start MOVING. She told me it’s not a 3-4 times a week thing, where I work out and have rest days. She wants me to move for at least 30-60 minutes EVERY DAY, which she said could be in the form of walking, speed walking, yoga or anything; she just wants me to move.

She told me this journey isn’t about anyone else or anything else in the world. It’s about me, and I need to really recognize that. I’m a giver, and tend to let people walk all over me, but she says it’s time for that to change. She wants me to do everything for me, and to really give my body what it needs to be healthy, and to not let anyone or anything get me down. When we were talking, I actually started crying. I had a huge realization that she was right, and the only thing holding me back from losing this weight and feeling fantastic was myself. I felt silly for crying, but I guess I was just so overwhelmed that I couldn’t contain it. While I couldn’t help but cry, I also couldn’t help but feel like all her words were changing my outlook on everything. I kind of felt free.

When I got home, I sat around for a little while and thought about what A.S. told me, then decided it was time to get to work. Since it had been snowing outside all day and never reached above freezing, I decided to do my workout on the Wii Fit again, but instead of 30 minutes, I did a total of 60 minutes on Free Step, and did an amazing 7,761 steps! I honestly can’t even begin to describe how great I feel. I feel like my mind is so focused on what I need to do, and that I NEVER want to look back on my days of not caring about my body. I’m going to finally get my life and health in order, and I WILL NOT let any excuses cause me to do anything different. I’m here for ME, and I WILL reach all my goals for this year, next year, and the rest of my life.

What a powerful day today has been. I feel a huge sense of realization, excitement, and relief. Along with thanking A.S. for her amazing words and support, I also would like to take a moment to thank my mother, who has also been real with me, and who is by my side every step of this journey. She’s my role model, and I know that by doing this journey together, we’ll both reach our goals, and be so happy. I love you, mom!



3 thoughts on “Day 36 for Elysia, and it’s time to live for ME.

  1. You will be able to do whatever you set your mind to and then always give back as A.S. and Elizabeth have done for you. Hold your head high my beautiful daughter, stand strong, you are now truly prepared to begin your journey. If I would have known that all I needed was a translater, I would have grabbed one earlier! ; )
    No need to thank me baby. You are a shining star across a black sky, the sun peaking through the gray clouds, brilliant colors on a once white canvas and I love you with all of my heart.

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