Day 38 for Elysia, and I’m sore.

I knew last night as I laid in bed that I was going to be sore when I woke up. I could feel my body relax and newly awoken muscles twitched (probably trying to figure out what they hell I had done to them) as I tried to fall asleep. When I woke up and shifted a bit in bed this morning, I knew immediately my muscles were REALLY going to have to get used to yoga. Back muscles that I had literally never felt before were sore today, and I could hardly walk at times, but I feel so amazing. I felt refreshed, and I felt relaxed. Despite the soreness, I can’t wait to go back!

Food today didn’t consist of enough calories, but it was good food nonetheless. I had a banana with yogurt and granola for breakfast, a chicken caeser salad for lunch (without croutons) and a Naked (brand) Protein juice fruit smoothie thing, and really the only thing I ate for dinner was left over guacamole and a few slices of cheese. I just wasn’t hungry when I got home. I also had water throughout the day.

When I got home, I knew that I at LEAST had to do 30 minutes of something tonight, so once again, I did the Wii Fit for a total of 4,007 steps! I’m very proud of that considering the “goal’ the game tells you to reach is 2,600. 🙂 I feel wonderful knowing that I got moving today!

Tomorrow starts the first day of my work’s Biggest Loser competition, and I’m nervous for it! I really hope that my teammates are as into it as I am! It’s going to be a great competition, and I look forward to seeing who is going to win.

Well, I’m pretty tired, so I’m off to bed. Here’s to another great week!



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