Day 41 for Elysia, and I’m doing amazing!!

About a month an a half ago, I bought this really nice purple/black plaid shirt that was too small for me, and I couldn’t button it up (at all…), but I wore it unbuttoned with a black shirt underneath it, and it looked really nice. Today, I put that shirt on, and noticed it was fitting differently. Out of pure curiosity, I tried buttoning it up. To my pure amazement and surprise, it buttoned up! While it’s still a little tight, it’s still wayyy closer to fitting than it was!

I’m seeing progress in a different way right now…Rather than seeing it on the scale (according to that stupid piece of equipment, I’ve gained 6lbs in the past 4 days…I mean, REALLY??), I’m seeing my clothes fit differently. I’ve noticed my jeans are a little baggier, and some of my shirts are fitting a little looser. I was very happy today when I really noticed my progress. I feel much more motivated!

Today, I did the Wii Fit for 60 minutes, for a total of 8,193 steps, pumping my arms the whole time. It felt great! When I was done, I was so happy that I went past 30 minutes! 😀

Food today was pretty normal. Breakfast was coffee and eggs, lunch was a chicken chipotle sandwich on whole wheat with a Naked protein juice thing, and dinner was “southwestern style” eggs (eggs with onions, tomatoes, and salsa). I drank water, and felt really good about what I took in.

I’m just feeling really happy right now. I’m feeling very confident that no matter what the scale says, I’m improving my life style. The scale will start going down soon…I think my body is just adjusting to me working out every day. It’ll come around soon 🙂

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!!!



One thought on “Day 41 for Elysia, and I’m doing amazing!!

  1. That’s awesome that it fits better! I totally understand how annoying it can be when the scale doesn’t seem to be following your lifestyle but I’ve found it best not to base my success on the scale but rather on new clothes and measurements! I hope that you continue this healthy lifestyle 🙂

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