Day 44 and not feeling so great.

I made a major error over the weekend of getting busy and not keeping on my scheduled eating plan.  I didn’t overeat, in fact, I hardly ate at all – big mistake!  Today I did not consume anything until 2:00 p.m. and by the time I did eat, it was almost too late.  I was so incredibly sick feeling that it was as though my body didn’t even register that I took anything in and I have felt ill the entire day.

For the most part, I have had a stress-free weekend and I have to confess that I wish every day was like this for me (minus the nasty headaches and feeling sick part).  In general my plate is pretty full and there is a lot of worry and stress.  I recognize that I really need to find some time to replenish myself and be a little more selfish.  I enjoyed the down time that these last few days have given me and I really need to make more time for myself.  I encourage everyone to find some time to give to themselves; you deserve it!

The good news is that the scale is still at 207.4 and has held there for two days now.  If I felt better, I would do a happy dance right now.  ; )  I hope that you have a wonderful Monday, I am certainly going to try to!


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