Day 45 – Ah…left over Garlic Jim’s!

“We are still masters of our fate.
We are still captains of our souls.”

~Winston Churchill

What a way to end a Monday…a slice of left-over spinach and artichoke Garlic Jim’s Gluten-Free pizza!  Shhh…probably shouldn’t say too much about that because I am certain my trainer is reading this and concocting some sort of green, wheatgrass, colon-cleanse drink like the large one she made me slurp down this morning.  “It will give you energy.”  Of course it will!  After chugging down the not-so-great tasting power drink, the worst of my day was over, right?!  If you can pound down a mouthful of wheatgrass, you can move mountains!  ; )

I am feeling better today, maybe it was The Juicy Cafe wheatgrass colon-cleanse (hoping that doesn’t kick in anytime soon).  I am leery of anything that gets placed in a “colon-cleanse category right before you are about to drink it. So far, so good.  As I have stated in previous posts, I am always up for a challenge and if that helps, then I am game.  I must admit, I did actually begin to feel better as my day went on, my trainer might be on to something!

I did have an amazing drink today that I do want to share with my friends.  The Juicy Cafe has come up with their own version of coconut water.  Coconut water has an amazing amount of potassium and is known for its ability to quickly hydrate.  I had the cucumber/coconut water today and even though that may sound like a strange combination, it was delightfully refreshing!  If you haven’t looked into coconut water, I highly recommend it!

Random thought:  I am usually always glad when a Monday is over but I am going to rethink that.  Monday isn’t a bad day, Monday begins a week of endless possibilities. : )

You are still the master of your fate, you are still the captain of your soul!




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