Day 46, and I’m VERY pleased!!

I woke up this morning, dreading the scale like I have the past week and a half. I didn’t want to see that more random weight had somehow creeped up. I had jumped way up to 293, and couldn’t stand to see another lb being added. But, it was “weigh in” day at work, I we’re working on the “honors” system, so I couldn’t lie. I closed my eyes, and waited for a few seconds, took a deep breath, then slowly looked down….


WHOA! I had lost 5 of the lbs I had randomly gained! My body was finally letting go of all that water and such from working out! And since I was 289 when I weighed in last week for work, I could happily report that I had lost a lb this week! What an awesome start to my Tuesday! I literally got in my car and blared all this happy, awesome music. Plus, it was super sunny for most of the day…what more could I ask for??

Food today rocked. Eggs for breakfast, and chicken/asparagus/salad was for both lunch and dinner. I must say, I’m starting to get tired of chicken, but the chicken I made tonight was really good. I also indulged a little and had a serving of fat free chocolate pudding with lunch. I have been craving sweets, so I thought fat free would be a good way to go. Yum! Definitely satisfied the craving!

I’m very happy with the way things are going right now. I’m so stoked that the weight is coming off again!

ALSO, I wanted to give a shout out to David (! He put mom and I on his blog roll, and I just wanted to shout out and tell him how much his support is appreciated, and that I always look forward to his posts! Thanks David! 🙂

Hope everyone has a fantastic night…Tomorrow is “hump day”! Once we get past Wednesday, the rest is a breeze 🙂


4 thoughts on “Day 46, and I’m VERY pleased!!

  1. Hey well done you!!
    Can I make 1 small suggestion??
    Instead of having chocolate pudding as a treat you could try a square of dark / plain chocolate..far less calories and it still satisfies those cravings.. 🙂

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