Day 46 – These are my confessions.

“Life isn’t a dress rehearsal”

~Kerry Packer

Confession time.  I have an addiction and normally I wouldn’t go around discussing my personal issues but this one I will share –  I can’t seem to get enough of the new cucumber/coconut water at The Juicy Cafe.  They are making this yummy stuff fresh and I drank the last one in the cafe so if the owner ( my trainer) is reading this…PLEASE MAKE ME MORE OF THIS BY TOMORROW OR I WILL GO INTO WITHDRAWL. ; )

Another confession…I thought of bacon all day…what does this mean???

I had a good day made even better by an incredible mention of our blog at  David has inspired Elysia and I with his tremendous dedication, drive, and successful weight loss.  It is such a gratifying feeling to know that he is also inspired by us.  It is moments like this that make you truly grasp and appreciate what networking is all about.

As of this morning I am still at 207.4 and there are no complaints here!

Reminder…Life isn’t a dress rehearsal folks…make the most of it!


3 thoughts on “Day 46 – These are my confessions.

  1. I am new to your blog and am catching up on what I missed from the beginning. I am loving the blog. As for your thoughts about bacon, I can relate! Love me some bacon!

    Keep up the dedication and hard work!


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