Day 47 and moved to tears


“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future. “

~ Paul Boese


In my opinion, there are many reasons for weight gain.  Some issues are medical, some are emotional; mine were both.  The emotional aspect played a large part in my weight gain and had I recognized the signs of depression early on, perhaps I could have found better tools other than a fork and knife to deal with life’s struggles.

If you have read my story “My Ugly Truth – the making of a fat girl,” then you  know that I have had a few difficult moments in my life.  There have been several other moments much more painful, personal and difficult that I did not include in my story and today I received an unexpected apology from someone who I have always hoped would come to understand all that I had been trying to say, but my words were never heard nor recognized.  While this apology was a long time coming, I never feel that one has an expiration date and they are always welcome at anytime; this one in particular brought tears to my eyes.

I am finding that during this journey I am shedding more than just added pounds, I am releasing painful feelings that have kept me from moving forward in my life.  It appears that the second half of my life is going to be filled with more hope and happiness and I am going to ensure that my cup is always half full.

Forgiveness does not change my past but my future IS enlarged…glad that you are a part of it!  ; )


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