Day 47, and this week is flying by!

I can’t believe we’ve already made it past “hump day.” Tomorrow’s Thursday?? REALLY? One step closer to the weekend 🙂

Today was a pretty good day. I’m happy to report that my team at work has lost 9.6lbs total in a week! Very proud of them, and hoping that we can continue this losing trend! I know they’re all working hard, and that it was hard getting used to the first week! So excited 🙂

Everything for me has been going well, too. I’m ecstatic that my hair only takes minutes to fix after getting out of the shower….I know, I know. Weird that it makes me so happy. haha. But it’s literally PERFECT less than 10 minutes after being soaking wet. Total win. 🙂 I love it being shorter!

Food today was fine as normal. It was once again filled with chicken, which I’m actually getting really tired of. When I get paid on Friday I will be going shopping for food that I can have. I’m thinking of getting all sorts of fruits and veggies to make more green smoothies! I love those…so yummy! I really need to switch up my diet a ton, because I’m getting awfully bored of what I’ve been eating lately. Can’t wait to go shopping!

I’m weighing in tomorrow…hopefully I’ll see another pound gone!



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