Day 48 and I am living on the edge

Commuting home tonight I had only one thing on my mind; a sandwich.  Someone who is gluten intolerant should not have such thoughts but let me tell you I could not get this thought out of my head…multigrain bread, turkey, tomato, onion, havarti, green leaf lettuce and mayo.  Yes! Yes! Yes!

I ate this sandwich as if I were a castaway and someone just showed up on my deserted island with something for me to eat…a little bit savage-like.  I may have even muttered some unintelligible language that only other people enjoying the same sandwich could understand; the yummy sandwich bonding garble.  Yes, it was just that good.

What happens now that I have ingested the big bad wheat flour?  My intestines will inform me sometime in the next 2-24 hours that I have made a very big mistake and I will almost begin to regret that decision to eat such a delicious treat – almost.

I am glad the weekend is almost here and I am looking forward to putting together more meal plans and an exercise plan for myself.  It is time to get below 200!  I hope that you have a wonderful Friday…I have a date!  ; )


4 thoughts on “Day 48 and I am living on the edge

  1. Ha! 😀

    I bet it tasted great. I have had maybe 3 sandwiches in the last year and they weren’t as good as the one you described.

    We need to treat ourselves “occasionally.” 😀

    Have a great weekend.

    The Grumpy Man

  2. The Grumpy Man,
    It was a nice treat and since I was down calories for the day, it fit in just fine. Unfortunately it is just a major rule breaker for my insides. ; )

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