Day 52 – I have a taker!

So glad to have a taker on my offer yesterday…

It looks like David at has accepted my 2 pound weight loss challenge for this week.  Nothing like a bit of friendly competition to get things exciting!

I guess the real question though is, how am I going to shed at least two pounds this week? I was so excited that for two days in a row the scale read 205.6 then I got up this morning and the scale added on a pound.  What???  WHAT???  *Stepped off scale and stepped back on again.  206.6.  WHAT???  *Ran a string of inappropriate swear words together that I am certain no one has ever thought of using before in one sentence.  *Stepped off scale.

I know what you are thinking…”Why would you weigh yourself every day?”  I weigh myself every day because it works for me.  I find that I am most accountable to myself if I check in with my old pal the scale every single day.  That also helps me to recognize how my body reacts to certain foods.  It is kind of like this…When I eat too much the scale doesn’t lie to me.  The scale says, “Wow Beth take a look at reality here, you may think you didn’t overeat, but the truth is right here in the numbers.” Weighing in every day is not for everyone.  Some people get very discouraged by weighing daily.  Usually I do not get discouraged but I am so darn close to getting below 200 and suddenly the scale decides it’s a comedian.


2 thoughts on “Day 52 – I have a taker!

  1. You are so right, we are already winners! : ) I am wondering if the fact that I started working out has caused me to gain? Hmmm… No worries, my clothes are fitting great!

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