Day 53 for Elysia

Very happy to report that I did my work out! It wasn’t outside, but I did just as great of a workout inside on the Wii. I love the Wii Fit running thing!

I’m pretty tired today, though. Not really sure why. I’ve been getting plenty of sleep. I probably need to go in for a sleep study, since sleep apnea runs in my family. I didn’t have any coffee this morning, or any caffeine at all for that matter, so that probably didn’t help.

Good was also great. I had a few small mandrin oranges, a banana, steak slices and salad for lunch, and really nothing for dinner since I’m not hungry. I did have some of those mandrins when I got home from work, too, so that’s probably part of it. I’ve taken in water as well, so I’m feel great about everything!

ALSO! My team at work has lost a total of 21.9 lbs in two weeks! I’m very proud of them!!!

Tomorrow’s exercise: Wii Jogging again

Goal: Get my asthma in check!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday 🙂



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