Day 53 – Working out equals weight gain?

I leaped out of bed this morning certain that my one pound weight gain yesterday had to have been “water weight” and couldn’t wait to weigh in again.  I climbed on the scale, looked down and there was another 2 ounces added on to yesterdays weight gain.  Hmmm…what is different here?  Ah yes, I am now working out!

So why does this happen I wondered, and I found this answer online:

It’s true that many people either gain a little weight or don’t see any change on the scale for as long as 4-6 weeks after making a significant change in their level of exercise. This is often explained as “gaining muscle while losing fat” but that isn’t quite accurate. This extra weight is usually water.

When you start doing more exercise, your body begins storing more fuel in your muscle cells, where it can be used easily and quickly to fuel your workouts. The process of converting glucose (carbohydrates) into fuel that your muscles actually store and use (glycogen) requires three molecules of water for every molecule of glucose. As your muscles are building up glycogen stores, your body has to retain extra water for this purpose. That’s what causes most of the initial weight gain or lack of weight loss. This is a good thing—not something to worry about.

However, despite what the scale says, you are actually losing fat during this time. The extra water retention will stop once your body has adjusted to its new activity level. At that point, the scale should start moving down. You’ll end up with less fat, and muscles that can handle a larger amount of work.

Written by Dean Anderson, Certified Personal Trainer

Ok, this is making sense to me.  This is what happened to Elysia when she started working out a few weeks ago and she became incredibly frustrated when she began gaining weight.  I will keep this is mind that my body is, more than likely, only adjusting to the changes that I am putting it through.  I guess if I would have really know this I would have held off on the exercise until I went below 200 pounds!  Darn!  Oh well, this isn’t a quick fix, this is a journey, and I am in this for a lifetime so if I gain a few from working out, so be it!  : )


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