Day 54, and weighing in tomorrow!

So, tomorrow I’m going to do my first weigh in for the week. I’m not really nervous, because I feel like I’ve been doing well! I’ve been working out 30 minutes each day, and my eating has been fantastic. We’ll see what happens!

I’ve also realized I HAVE to stay off the scale except for maybe once a week. Weighing myself every day only stresses me out since there is so much fluctuation day to day. So, Thursdays are now my weigh in days. Perhaps that will help me a little more 🙂

I actually ended up walking a little at work today instead of working out at home. I took the stairs a few times and walked on one of my breaks. It was nice! I liked it. Tomorrow I think I’d like to walk outside when I get home from work. The personal time would be nice, and I have a great playlist all set for it!

I definitely just realized that tomorrow is Thursday…where did this week go??? My birthday is only 3 weeks from Friday! Considering I’ve pretty much been counting down for my 21st since I was 16, it is coming up SUPER fast! I can’t even believe it…

Song for the day 🙂



2 thoughts on “Day 54, and weighing in tomorrow!

    • I hate to say, I totally forgot to weigh in this morning! I was in such a rush trying to get ready for work because I nearly forgot I had an early meeting…But, tomorrow will be the big day instead 🙂

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