Day 58 for Elysia

Wait…it’s Monday night? As in…Tuesday is only a good night’s sleep away?? Goodness…time goes by quickly sometimes!

Today was a pretty cool day. I got a beautiful new 24″ computer screen at work to go with my equally beautiful Windows 7 computer, and I’ve discovered all sorts of neat things on in! Not to mention the monitor makes having a billion screens open (I have to have a lot open at once to get things done quickly…) so much easier because there’s so much more room! Love it!! 😀

Tomorrow’s my weigh in for my work’s Biggest Loser challenge! I’m pretty sure I’m still at 285lbs; at least I am hoping I am! We’ll see what the scale says in the morning 🙂

Other than my pretty new computer, nothing is actually new! I hope everyone’s Monday went by as quickly as mine did!!



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