Day 61, and I’m addicted to the scale

Does anyone else find the need to weigh themselves EVERY SINGLE DAY? I specifically told myself that I would only weigh myself on Tuesdays (for work competition) and Fridays (blog/personal) but I found myself on the scale this morning yet again. Although, I’m happy to say I’ve maintained my 3lbs loss from last week. *wipes sweat of brow*

I don’t know what’s with me and that darn scale. We have a love/hate relationship as it is, and now it’s like I HAVE to use it every morning or I don’t feel right. This is what I call an addiction, and I feel like I need therapy to help cure myself. lol. It’s ridiculous, and not to mention STRESSFUL. I’m going to start locking it away….

But again, I’m proud to say I’ve maintained being at 285 (even though I’d much rather be lower…). If I still wanna stick with my goal, I have 15 days to lose 10 lbs. *sigh* New goal: be at 280lbs or lower. There we go. Given that I procrastinated too much these past few months, I know that losing that amount of weight in 2 weeks is nearly impossible, but, I know losing 5+lbs is a bit more achievable. In reality, any loss is fantastic, because it’s more of a loss than I had before. But, we’ll make 5lbs or more the goal by April 8th. 🙂

Is tomorrow really Thursday? Gosh, this year is already flying by….nearly three months gone in what seems like the blink of an eye. Day to day seems like such a blur! Glad it’s almost the weekend again, though 🙂

I hope everyone’s Wednesday was great, and here’s to only 2 days left before the weekend!!



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