Day 65, and this weekend went by too quickly…

I’m very sorry for not posting the past few days…my stomach has been bothering me something terrible (thinking I might have an ulcer…) and I’ve gone to bed early nearly every night lately. I know I need to get into the doctors to see what’s going on with the stomach pain, so I should probably get that scheduled soon.

Everything else is going really well. I felt like I got a lot done today; I cleaned my room, cleaned the bathroom, and did lots of laundry. It also felt like the day went by way too quickly! This whole weekend did, as a matter of fact. I wish I just had another day to sit around and relax…that would be fantastic.

Food the past few days has been fairly minimal, due to the fact that I’m having this constant acid-y pain in my stomach. Eating helps temporarily alleviate the pain, however, once the pain comes back, it hurts even worse. So, I’m going to have to find foods that are easy on my stomach. I remember the first time I had an ulcer, I believe I was on a pretty bland diet to help avoid the stomach pains. I was also only 10 year old, so maybe I’m not remembering correctly. In any case, I know I need to get to my doctor. I took April 8th off of work (for my birthday!) so maybe I’ll try to make a doctor’s appointment for early in the day.

Well, I hope everyone’s been doing well. It really sounds like everyone is! Here’s to a great week…Cheers!

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